M-Audio Fast Track Pro or Fast Track Ultra?

A friend of mine might be selling me her M-Audio Fast Track Pro, I have seen some of you around here succesfully make it run with JACK and Ardour, any cons? Also I saw the new Fast Track Ultra and I’m thinking of maybe getting that one since it is USB 2 and might achive lower latencies with it, and higher performance @ simultaneous recording, has anyone tried it yet? Is it or will it be fully supported under linux (ubuntu mostly), and is it worth getting it or will I go by with the Pro version?

I’m a little lost and really don’t know which should I get…


another doubt came to mind, does anyone think this thing might work with a USB to firewire adaptor? I’m still not very convinced with usb audio devices…

USB1 devices are class-compatible. From what I understand, USB2 is not and need their own drivers (and obviously no maker of them cares about GNU/Linux).

Ok, thank you, that does clarify my doubts.