M-audio Delta 44 Ardour/Jack problems

I have beat my head against this for entirely too long , I give up !

Recording the first track in Ardour , all is well .

Playback of the first recorded track is also just fine .

Recording the next track is where the problem is , I cannot get any input to record , there is nothing to record , monitor level meter at right shows nothing . And yes I have checked to make sure all the physical connections are correct and functional …

I have tried messing with the Jack patchbay with no success ( I also freely admit I have no idea what I am doing with Jack )
Am I missing something obvious like maybe calling something the wrong name when selecting ?

Is there a hidden function in Ardour to enable the input of the next track ?
I have been using audacity - selecting " play track while recording new track " allows overdubbing .
Ardour does not seem to have anything except " auto input " which has no effect on the second track .

Whats the secret ?

Sorry if this is a really stupid question , but I’m stumped , and yes I did grow up in the 70’s …

@wirehead: the delta44 is a 4in/4out device. this means that if your tracks are 1in, the first track is connected to input 1 on the delta 44, the 2nd to input 2, and so on. If the tracks are 2in, then the first track is connected to inputs 1+2, the second to inputs 3+4. if you’re only using the first 2 channels of the delta 44, you will want specify that in the “Advanced Options” section of the new session dialog, by saying “use only 2 channels” there. Otherwise, Ardour defaults to assume that you will probably wire up all the inputs OR manually take control of the input wiring. You can do that by clicking on the input button in the mixer strip (Alt-m for the mixer or Shift-e for a strip inside the editor window), and then configuring how that particular track is wired up.


You are the man !

I figured it was ( as usual ) something I overlooked in my eagerness to get to the good part …
Wait a minute , I think I see a pattern … D’Oh !

Thanks for the quick answer !

Ardour is working just fine now .