M-Audio delta 1010 install?

How do I install M-Audio delta 1010 pci card, If anyone can’t point me in the right direction, thank you


Damn simple…

Follow the basic instructions at www.alsa-project.org to get the card basically up and running… When using jackd you don’t really need to worry about using the envy24control tool, but if you want to test with ALSA before using jack then you will need to unmute channels e.t.c…

Also recommended, turn off the motherboard sound card (this will make using Jack simpler, providing you don’t have other devices)…

If you record to a separate disk, you should be able to get reliable usage with a period size of 64 and buffer size of 3 (-p64 -n3 in jackd… or just use qjackctl)at both 48khz and 44.1 khz…

Post your results here if you have any issues, and I’ll see how I can help

I really new to this so please bare with me, I put the PCI card in started back up and I think alsa shows the inputs, it shows 8 ADC volume slots, 8 DAC volume slots, 8 HW Mult volume slots, 10 multi slots and 2 multi track slots, and I have no sound as of now, so what am I doing wrong? lol thank you for your time



This is good so far.

Did you disable any sound devices on your mobo? Otherwise the sound may be routing to another card.

You mention the PCI card … if this is not the LT version make sure the rack is plugged in to the PCI card and also powered up.

If you wish to use ALSA applications with this card then you will need to install envy24control from alsa-tools, or kenvy24gui. You can use that to unmute and raise volume on the DAC’s… for generic ALSA advice it’s probably best to join the alsa-user mailing list.

As you have written to this forum, you must be intending to use ardour.

Hopefully you already have jack and ardour installed…

So fire up jack in your favourite method at (qjackctl or from command line)… Don’t worry about settings to start with… you can fine tune that later… If you have some wav file as source material make sure jack

Now fire up ardour… If you have auto inputs turned on simply create a stereo track.

Follow the ardour instructions on this site to import a stereo track and place it in this track and press play… this should come out of your first 2 output ports…

You can also use the track/bus inspector (under view track bus/inspector)… under here you should see your ins and outs listed in the system tab… you can also use this to change which inputs or outputs you are using)… You can use this to test all your outputs by pointing the master outputs to different pairs of outputs.

hope this helps…

How do you disable the mother board sound card?

I figured it out and Ardour is awesome! can you hook up two Delta cards? Thank you for your help. Time to record =D!!

Thanks again

Tone, got it gonin on. :-}

Yes, I have two 1010LT’s running sweetly. The naming’s a bit confusing at first but you soon work out which is which.

You sure can hook up 2 deltas… you either need a Delta 66 or another Delta 1010. You can use the spdif to lock the digital signal or the BNC word clock connector.

Have Fun!!!


I would like to have my motherboard sound card and my 1010LT, both running on my machine at the same time. In order to do this, I would like to get the 1010LT on hw:1, so I can refer Jackd to it, while I leave hw:0 to alsa.

I am struggling to get my 1010LT running in hw:1. Can anybody tell me what I need to add into /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base to get this working?


@GodLikeCreature: you just need to add “index=1” to the options for the module that runs the card. my hdsp, for example, gets:

     options snd-hdsp index=1

to make sure that its always hw:1