M-audio connection to ardour 6

Hi there,
new to this.
I have looked for a tut to get a midi controller connected to ardour 6. but cant find one.
all of the options i see refer to ardour 5 etc which are different.
I cant see whrere my M-Audio Code 25 is in the connections manager but I can see it in the Jack (Alsa) tab. I’m sure it must be simple but I’m missing something.
Any help appreciated

Hi Bassman59,

I have a code 49, and it works fine.
I use a2jmidid with jack,

I also use Qjackctl (gui) for starting up jackd,

in the Setup - > Options , I have checkbox active in : Execute script after startup where I execute this line : a2jmidid -e &
I also shut down a2jmidid in the checkbox in : Execute script after shutdown : killall a2jmidid

Im sure its a dirty workaround, but it works for me. np .

Im not sure of this , but I have in the Setup -> Settings -> MIDI driver : none

Works like a charm for me.

Thanks for that.
I’m quite sure a2j is not running and seems to be in all the videos I’ve
seen. I’ll try that and thanks again.

Hi cjoke,

There was a script already in the options window ( pulse audio to jack
&& a2j commands) and the Midi driver in Setup-Settings was set to ‘seq’ ??

I removed and replaced with the start up scripts you provided and the
Window-Midi Connections now shows the code and I at least have the
keyboard controlling the ardour synth.

Thanks again,


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