M-Audio Code 61 MIDI connect

Hello all,

I am a newbie to Ubuntu Studio, and am excited to get working on Ardour. However, I have been having serious issue with getting my M-Audio Code 61 connected to the software correctly to start making music! I don’t know if there is a tutorial somewhere that I might be able to use, but everything that I have tired to get Jack to send my MIDI through to Ardour doesn’t seem to want to work at all.

Any assistance is appreciated!


To make your life easier, start by not using JACK and just using Ardour’s ALSA backend.

It is very inefficient to discuss issues like this on web forums. I suggest you find us on IRC (read the Support tab above for details, or go to "Chat’ in the Help menu within Ardour itself). Realtime chat can get things resolved much faster. There’s no guarantee of help on IRC. The best time is generally about 09:00 to about 23:00 in the timezones between central Europe and the eastern US.