M-Audio cards

Would anyone using a M-audio card mind going through their setup with me? I’m using the Delta-1010. I quite often get the error message:

[ERROR]: AudioEngine: cannot connect ardour:auditioner/out 1 (ardour:auditioner/out 1) to coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in1 (coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in1)
[ERROR]: AudioEngine: cannot connect ardour:auditioner/out 2 (ardour:auditioner/out 2) to coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in2 (coreaudio:Built-in Audio:in2)

but sometimes audio works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it does work, it can be a bit glitchy regardless of my latency settings.

I’m attempting to run this on a dual G4 450 under OSX (10.4) and at this point am only attempting to use Ardour to playback previously recorded material. If it cannot do this reliably, I may as well go back to Cubase on OS9.

Eventually, I’d like to shuttle audio back and forth digitally between Ardour and the Akai HD recorders, but one hurdle at a time is enough for me. :slight_smile: Please note I am still quite new to macs.


that error message is not related to you having an M-Audio card or not. its a relatively minor error that can generally be ignored.

however, “audio sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn’t” is a problem. its going to be very hard to debug this on a forum. Please try to join us on IRC (read the Support tab top right of this page) where are variety of helpful people can try to assist you in realtime, or use the osx-support@ardour.org email address to make the process slightly faster.