M-Audio Axiom49 MIDI Binding Map

I see that the M-Audio Axiom25 has a MIDI Binding Map, but not the 49. I can make one for the 49 and attach it in this forum thread (if that’s possible).

I can easily make something that would suit my needs specifically, but I’d like to know which parameters in Ardour3 are used for most of the other generic MIDI binding maps. If someone can share that info with me, then I will have it finished much quicker. Thanks!

The Axiom49 has 9 faders and 8 knobs by the way. It’s controls are similar to the Behringer BCF 2000 which has 8 faders and 8 knobs. If you can tell me what the Behringer BCF 2000 faders and knobs are connected to in Ardour3, then I can create the same type of MIDI binding map for the Axiom49.

@smeefer: you can just read the other maps - they are just text files, and you have them all in front of you.

Where can I find them? I looked in ~/.config/ardour3/, but I only found the key bindings file there. If you give me the text file name, I can search it in my file system.

@smeefer: they live in the directory/folder called patchfiles, at the top level of the source code tree. You can also find it inside /opt/Ardour_VERSION/etc (I think), also called patchfiles.

Thanks! I just found them in /opt/Ardour_VERSION/share/patchfiles/. There is no Behringer or M-Audio midi maps in the patchfiles directory, surprisingly. Hmm…I’ll have to find another controller that’s similar to the Axiom49 controls, among what’s in the patchfiles directory.

@Smeefer, The m-audio file is in directory called midi_maps.
If i install from svn, it’s in

In your case maybe something like /opt/Ardour_version/share/midi_maps/

@smeefer, cajmere: oops, sorry - my mistake. yes, these are in midi_maps, not patchfiles. Total thinko on my part.

Excellent, thanks cajmere. It looks like the controls are connected to simple but useful things like channel gain, solo/mute buttons and such. I can finish this type of midi map for the Axiom49 in about 30 minutes. If a midi map for the M-Audio Axiom49 seems necessary to you paul, just let me know and i will take care of it and send you or whoever the dot map extension text file.


Pretty much if one doesn’t exist, go ahead and make one:) You can always attach it to a new report in Mantis to submit it.


I would be also very happy with midi map for axiom 49, because i own one too :).