M Audio 2x2 Can't playback

Good dya guys,
I am currently running Ubuntu Studio, and I was using AT2020 USB microphone, and had no problem using JACK and Ardour.

Today I just bought M Audio M Track 2 x 2, plugged in the XLR cable for mix and headphone into the audio interface.

I set up JACK so that INPUT is hw:M2x2, and OUTPUT is hw:M2x2,0.
It seems to pick up the Microphone input fine. The vocal track shows wave form.
My problem is that the sound cannnot show perform playback.

Volume Control -> Output devices show that it detects Mtrack 2x2 Audio, but it can’t play sound even when I try go stream youtube from Firefox.

Please let me know how I can fix this.

THank you very much

OK on a newer update, i feel stupid.
I read the manual, and there’s a knob that is between USB and Direct for volume control. It was cranked all the way to Direct. Turning the knob to balanced solves the problems.

I hope this stays on so others can avoid my mistake.