Lyrics track .... love to have it!

When making/composing a song using Ardour, I do miss a text-track to include the lyrics exactly where they need to be.
To make it perfect: Add a notation/midi track

… what do you think ? It would help me a lot

please endorse !!!

cheers from Down Under


I think it’s an excellent idea and requested this at the Mixbus-forum two-three years ago. It was not much feedback back then. I believe the reason might be that most users and developers are not working with artists or melodies with vocals, but when someone comes into a studio for singing, text, and chords is almost always something one must deal with. This is especially important for singers because their appearance is often very influenced by the environment surrounding them.

It would really be helpful to have such a track that also can feed a karaoke window so the singer can see the text rolling or musicians can see the notes or chords on a monitor or perhaps a stream over the network where the artist can see it on a smartphone or tablet.


… yeah !!! :+1: :+1: :+1: … let’s drum up some support.

… and technically … it should not be too difficult .


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Yes, I support this idea. Let’s make it happen :relaxed:

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Exactly! I wait for it

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 ..... how do we get Paul's attention ???

I see more or less everything written in the forums. Doesn’t mean I will comment on it.

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This has been requested a couple of times in the last decade.

At first glance the obvious solution would be a ruler (not a track). On second thought, lyrics are likely linked to a region. When the vocal region is moved, the lyrics annotation moves along with it. In this case an automation lane like display below a region would be preferable.

There is also: 0006147: Idea for new marker type - MantisBT


Yes, lyrics as “automation events” whose contents are not floating point parameter values, nor MIDI data, but text, seems like the most likely way to handle this sort of thing.



So … what would be the effort involved to do such an addition ? …and based on that , what is the likelihood to see it in 7.0 , considering the overall list of priorities ?

… is there a way to participate to make it happen ?

For me the benefits would be significant being a one man band and work/compose/write lyrics on the spirit of the moment. A second " automation lane " as suggested above , could be used for cord progression.

Everything would be in one place !

What are your thoughts ?

Cheers from Down Under

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The benefit of using a dedicated ruler would be that long texts can be truncated on the timeline itself, but displayed in full elsewhere. There could be an entry-box in the toolbar that shows the most recent value (and allows editing of the most recent marker), and a dedicated window (with karaoke highlight).

It will absolutely not be in 7.0. We are more or less in a feature freeze for a 7.0 release within a couple of weeks.

There’s almost nothing users can do to “make [it] happen”. Code has to be written, that’s all, but that doesn’t happen until somebody feels like doing it.

" almost " …whatever there is I can do, please let me know !


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