Lynx Aurora(n) ALSA Compatibility

Any Linux Ardour users have experience with the Aurora(n) series? I’m looking at a 32-TB so I can never again worry about not having I/Os for outboard mixing. I see that Lynx had one product that was Linux-supported via a third party (the LynxOne) but I don’t see anything about the Aurora(n) series.
ALSA playing nice with this one at this point?

Well, I’m going to try to tackle this the best I can. Anyone is welcome to participate :slight_smile: Lynx Aurora (n) - LinuxMusicians

What interface? The web page I found says available options are Thunderbolt, Dante, and USB.
The USB option probably works for basic audio with the existing snd-usb driver.

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I obviously should have specified that :slight_smile:
I am working with the Thunderbolt 3 version.

My (admittedly limited) understanding of Thunderbolt devices is that they are similar to PCI devices in that there is no standard interface, so you need a device specification in order to be able to develop a driver.
Has Lynx provided any public documentation of their Thunderbolt interface?

Unfortunately, not. It seems they like to keep such things under wrap :frowning:

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