Lv2 vs Linux vst plugins

What are some of the major benefits or downsides of lv2 vs Linux vst. Does lv2 still have any advantages over Linux vst. I prefer to install lv2 when I can but usually I just install both just in case

The only advantage LV2 has / had - AFAIK - is a separation of code and config (I’m not sure how to call it). It makes for faster scanning of the plugins for sure, but someone with more technical knowledge might have other ideas :slight_smile:
If there is a LV2 version of a plugin, I always install only that, and switch to VST if it doesn’t work.

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Short version, the end user shouldn’t care which you use.

There are philosophical differences, and differences for the programmer, but none of those make any difference in terms of the user experience. Philosophical differences might make a difference to some users, but it shouldn’t affect the user experience.

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I don’t know what’s going on under the hood. But when I have a choice I avoid LXVST and use LV2.

LV2 just seems to run better and faster.

Ya I agree but I have heard some devs who stopped updating their plugins with lv2, can’t remember rust there issue was but it made me feel maybe lv2 is not the best

It is another layer of support they have to provide is the main reason that happens on occasion. It is a question on return on investment, in this case time invested in support vs the amount of sales the LV2 market brings.


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