lv2 plugins for midi tracks

I was trying to give my midi tracks different voices/instruments. I am running openSuse 13.1
When adding linuxsampler as an lv2 pluging Ardour crashes.
The other option could have been zynaddsubfx as a lv2 which I could not find for suse.
What other options could I have to give my midi-tracks different/discrete sounds.

Thanks for your help

Look at this:
Several other lv2 instruments have emerged since that writing. There are many instruments in Distrho:
I can point you to a few more too, but those should keep you busy.

Hey thanks
I could no get any joy out of the first URL but the second URL had workable plugins specifically “dexed” for some other pugins the UI was missing.
If you can point me to some synth that would be great.


That first link has quite a few listed. Did the URL not work?
I guess I can trickle out a few more as I think of them: - not sure the current status but I believe its usable - you can currently only use the plugin with Ardour’s generated GUI, the release of the GUI pictured is pending on funding - another one that I believe is usable but still a work in progress - this is fully stable, released, and good. -this one is one of my favorite synths - not sure the status of this one

and there are these guys: (some overlap here with the first URL I gave above).

This list is fairly complete. I can’t think of any more lv2 instruments. If you want standalone or native vst there are a few others.


I don’t know if you have any interest in running anything other than openSUSE for music production but both KXStudio and AV Linux have ALL of this stuff installed and ready to just click and use, in fact much of this stuff has custom GIT and SVN fixes that most users and mainstream distributions know nothing about yet. In addition stuff like the LV2 support libraries and JACK are also up to date so you shouldn’t have to put up with stuff like UI’s not showing and that sort of thing…

openSUSE is a great general distribution and in the JackLab days it was cutting-edge with Audio software but I think that has changed and in general RPM-based distros (other than perhaps Fedora +CCRMA) are falling behind in providing up to date packages of some of this great new stuff. For instance the state and availability of things like stable, reliable LV2 synthesizers has moved forward significantly in the last 12 months…

Please understand I’m not flaming any distribution, just pointing out that for Audio (and Video) production your experience will be GREATLY improved with a distribution that focuses on that sort of thing…

Thanks for the URLs and the comments. Yes, I do encounter limits within openSuse. This is my main production system, so I want change that. However I have a machine with similar specs. AV linux or KXStudio may be an option. Since I like KDE, what distro runs KDE. However that would just be a nice thing to have and would not a show stopper. Which of the distros would you recommend? … keep up with the latest kernel etc ?


KXStudio itself uses KDE4 however the KXStudio repositories are compatible with both Debian and Ubuntu so you can add the KX Repos to any current Debian or Ubuntu variant. AV Linux uses XFCE 4.10 and has a different philosophy, it is intended as ‘install and use’ and does not push updates onto the users system although hotfixes and important updates are made available in a packages FTP to be installed at the users discretion. Both KX and AV use recent kernels set up and tested for Audio work and AV Linux has an optional RT kernel provided. I should also mention that AV Linux has an updated ISO (6.0.4) to be released very soon, if you are interested in trying it I would wait for the new version which has significant updates and improvements over the previous version…