LV2 plugins : compile or apt-get ?

Hi happy A3 users (and devs) !

Despite some years here and there in Linux area, something I can’t solve without your help :slight_smile:

Reading recent posts on the site, those exchange draws a big question mark above my head :

Don’t use any toolkit can’t be the right answer. To solve this situation, Ardour could be provided as dynamically linked packages for the individual distributions, right? Of course this would be much more work for Paul…
@dbra: distributions do that. I do not, and will not. But even that doesn’t actually help unless you get every single plugin from the distro as well.
Hmmm, or maybe spawning a separate process just for the plugin-UI would help? Don’t know if this is actually possible, I’m just brainstorming…”

The question is quite simple : if one get Ardour 3.1, what is the better way to have LV2 plugins JUST WORKING the right way ?
apt-get from Debian SID repos OR compile from devs site source

Many thanks, if you like, to erase this question mark !

I installed most of the plug-ins via the repositories (I’m on Fedora 17 with the Ardour-binary from this site) Most of them work fine. I built the Calf-plug-ins myself because the ones in the repos are old. Works also fine…

The issue in question seems to have originated from (some) plugins using gtkmm, I want to take the opportunity to clarify that binary plugins, which have been specifically designed to be distributed as such, whether LV2 or VST should not be affected.


I suggest getting the official Ardour 3.1 binary bundle from, that is the only truly supported way to use Ardour now, since Ardour has their own complete packages there is no need for them to put up with shoddy Distribution packaging or users incorrectly compiling from SVN (well actually GIT now).

Next install the plugins one at a time from Sid’s repos and test them, I think you will find most of them will just work.

I personally think using Sid for audio production is like using a hand grenade to play tennis, but that’s just me, if you get a working setup and a package of plugins that work I would definitely leave them alone and not upgrade them.

If you want all this stuff to ‘just work’ why not use KX/Dream Studio or AV Linux? Sid makes a great cutting edge Desktop Linux but it is pretty unpredictable for long term Audio production IMHO.

Thanks for quick answers !

@LinuxDSP : not in relation with the subject, but as well you are here it permitt to ask something to you :
Are some of your real cool plugins available for free (as in beer, yes, money don’t really comes here ATM))) on your site ? (I used to use EQ-CH1 &2, and VC2 from the beginning, and since have reformated the PC, snifff…)


The issue is that certain plugins do things that are not currently supported, that is the short of it. That means that you will have to do things as suggested above and just test individual plugins, but yes the best way to install Ardour is via the binary on this site.


@GMaq: thanks for the advice, you’re probably right I should have gone to your AV/Linux, but wasn’t sure about Openbox in it, and OPB seems the only way for the wonderful PC used here to produce some audio !

So have chosen to go to SID in that “pre-Wheezy” period , because placed my bet on the fact SID is almost stable, and don’t have big changes before Wheezys’ release.

The “plan” is to have a working system before Wheezys’ release, and NEVER update the whole system, just add some by compile, because like you I don’t think it’s a good idea to play tennis with grenade :wink:

In fact I could be completely wrong, but it’s hard to be sure 100% !!

@Seablade : thanks to confirm the right way to install Ardour (from the binary on and MANY THANKS for the expert advice on plugins.

@all : Have a nice week end !

@stratojaune: Send me an email via the ‘contact us’ link on the linuxDSP site - the only plugin which is currently available for free is the DSR500 de-esser, and unfortunately we can’t make exceptions on an ad-hoc basis, however, if you have already purchased a plugin then of course we can if possible replace it for free (although I do stress that we don’t guarantee to replace lost keys / files and would much prefer users to manage their own backups of important software, but accidents do happen…)

@Linuxdsp : Actually, I never buy any soft (except for the Ardour subscription). I don’t remember exactly when, but in the first times you offers free and free versions of some of your plugins, and they were really nice to use. In these days, I used to launch them as stand-alone Ardour inserts, and it sounded good. And then I re-formated the machine, and made a crazy thing : save the directory from when install the plugins, but not the .so in /usr/… or the original tarball.

I can understand the reasons you explained on your site for the choice you’ve made to sell your work, and take this as a “think before format lesson”.

Hum, please don’t laugh too loud :wink:

@stratojaune: The early standalone JACK versions were free, before we did any LV2 or VST plugins, or more correctly they were donationware, but it almost amounted to the same thing…
These very early versions are no longer actively maintained and may have dependencies which make them incompatible with recent distros. I can’t guarantee, but if you send an email I might be able to find something in the archive that could work for you.

@Linuxdsp : it’s very kind of you, many thanks !