LV2 Plugin for Pianoteq

Pianoteq version 4.5 released today now has a LV2 plugin, 2 and 5 channel versions. I gave them a quick check and they seem to work fine in Ardour3. Ok, this is non-free software, but it is nice to see commercial use of LV2 which should encourage additional commercial LV2 offerings.

Awesome, glad to see this. I’ve previously purchased the Stage version and it works really nicely. Going to grab this update right away.

rrrobart: you are probably using a version of Ardour provided by a Linux distribution that ONCE AGAIN has mis-packaged the program.

Get Ardour from or build it (carefully and thoroughly) yourself and this problem will go away.

Hi all please excuse the elementary nature of this question. does anyone one have a basic way of getting the plugins in ardour 3 to have their GUI to appear with knobs switches etc… I am speaking about the Calf-plugins etc.

Thanks Robbie