LV2 on OSX

Just a quick question… are LV2 plugins supposed to work on OSX? It says so on the plugins page. I have a few installed but ardour doesn’t seem to find them. $LV2_PATH is set. I tried ~/Library/Plug-Ins/LV2 and /usr/local/lib/lv2 as the install location but neither seem to work. No biggie if not, there are plenty of other plugs out there.


LV2 support is not compiled in on the distributed OS X package at this time. It isn’t that it couldn’t be, but rather that there are very few LV2 plugins that are compiled for OS X at the moment, and one of the primary benefits, GUIs, would require a large amount of work in order to get them compiled on OS X. Often times the build systems aren’t set up at all for OS X to start with.


Understandable. Thats ok really. I use ardour on OSX and linux both. I really only use it on Mac when I’m ‘on the go’ I have a macbook that I carry around with me. 99 percent of all my recording/mixing and what not is done in linux. No big deal.

I might give building ardour for osx from source again. I’m not sure I’m feeling that adventurous today or not though.

Have a good one.