LV2 IR (Impulse Response) Convolution Reverb Plugin

This post was updated on Feb 21 2022 to reflect what appears to be the canonical website for this plugin

Tom Szilagyi recently announced a working release of his new LV2 plugin, IR, about which he says "IR is a zero-latency, realtime, high performance signal convolver especially for creating reverb effects. Supports impulse responses with 1, 2 or 4 channels, in any soundfile format supported by libsndfile."

The feature list looks great:
  • Zero-latency convolution of impulse responses with stereo audio
  • Supports Mono, Stereo and 'True Stereo' (4-channel) impulses
  • Realtime operation
  • Very reasonable CPU consumption
  • Maximum impulse length: 1M samples (~22 seconds @ 48kHz)
  • Loads a large number of audio file formats
  • High quality sample rate conversion of impulse responses
  • Stretch control (via high quality SRC in one step integrated with impulse loading)
  • Pre-delay control (0-2000 ms)
  • Stereo width control of input signal & impulse response (0-150%)
  • Envelope alteration with immediate visual feedback: Attack time/percent, Envelope, Length
  • Reverse impulse response
  • Autogain: change impulses without having to adjust 'Wet gain'
  • Impulse response visualization (linear/logarithmic scale, peak & RMS)
  • Easy interface for fast browsing and loading impulse responses
  • Free software released under the GNU GPL v2

More information is available on the IR website. Tom thanked Fons Adriaensen for his work on zita-convolver and Erik de Castro Lopo for both libsndfile and libsamplerate, so we should too.

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perfect, its working! actually after using the two advices, first “sudo apt-get build-dep ardour” but then still there was some dependencies missing that was in autistatic s ppa… thanks!!

PS: and it sounds fantastic!

This is very exciting!

Awesome! Thanks for your work on this. I am looking forward to giving this a try.

EDIT: I just installed this and have been trying it out on a couple of existing projects. A really good first impression. Great job!

Sounds fantastic! I’ve never heard of this type of reverb and I’m very excited that somebody is making an LV2 plugin of it.


I was hoping somebody would make something like this for a long time!!!
jconvolver was great, Jc_Gui made it better, but this one takes the cake!
Thank you !!!

Great plugin!

Thank you!!

A great plugin. I’ve played around with the SIR VST convolution reverb, Tom’s is much nicer IMO. Glitchless operation even when changing response files. Impressive. Thanks to Tom, Fons, Erik, and all Linux audio devs !



Best impulse reverb I used ever!

Én is gratulálok Szilágyi Tamásnak nagyszerű munkát végzett!

Awesome, excellent work! Mr. Szilagyi will soon be receiving something from his Amazon wishlist. :slight_smile:

Just what linux audio needed ir reverb . AWESOME !

Thank you all for the feedback and the nice comments!

I have just released version 1.2 that should fix any stability problems you may have encountered (crashes & stuff), and also gives you a progress indicator while resampling impulses.

@bobkopter: Köszi. Mifelénk már csak így megy, magad uram ha szolgád nincs.

@DonF: Thanks! I look forward to it :slight_smile:

A piece of art made plugin, thx for this incredible addition to linux audio plugins!

That’s really a great plugin ! Thank you for your hard work !


I built IR on a lucid system just last evening. Before “make”, I did “sudo apt-get build-dep ardour”, and that grabbed everything needed to build IR. (Plus a lot more, most likely.)


I d like to install and test the plugin, and it says
" GTK+ version 2.16 is needed to build IR." when i do “make”…
and somehow i couldnt figure it out how to update gtk+ via synaptic, (lucid) do i have to compile
gtk+ toolkit from source? or is there an easier way to update it? thanks…

I cannot install the GTK toolkit because one of the dependencies is too new. Would somebody be able to provide a deb package?

@ christophski
Which dependency is this? Why not try to compile that specific dependency?

@christophski you could try with autistatic ppa