LV2 Development

Brace your selfs for some noob. I have recently started to learn the in’s and out’s of lv2 programming(pun intended) and have a small challenge regarding the internals of my dsp code. When faced with a similar problem with other programs I would use Printf for testing and fault finding mesages.

If I were to start Ardour from a term, could my printf to said term(if I #include stdio.h off course)?

I know i should probably just give it a go. However this is my first experience with shared objects, and would like to break out of any bad programming practices I might be developing. Are there better way’s of getting basic info out for test purposes that I should know about?
Thanks heaps for creating Ardour! Can’t wait to give back some plugins!


I don’t know anything about programming lv2 plugins, but I might suggest you develop yours using the utility jalv ( which can host a lv2 plugin rather than running ardour simply to host a test plugin.

You can certainly use printf() for debugging but make sure you remove all such code or ensure that it will never be called before you consider things “done”. Output will appear in the terminal where you start the host.

Also, as Edward noted, use jalv to get started.

Thanks heaps! jalv works a treat! will continue with ardour just for my first for testing as I haven’t got my own yet, and need control input for testing (maybe my version of jalv is a little dated)
Thanks again, totally stoked!

use jalv.gtk to generate a UI so you can adjust the controls. The lv2 mailing list is a good place to ask questions as well. Best of luck in your development :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to give back some plugins!
If you’re already having some DSP code I think the better way is to look towards my project - LSP Plugins - .
We can integrate it into already ready-to use framework.
Best, Vladimir

Thanks Ssj71!! exactly what Im after! I didn’t even realize I already had it installed.

Thanks Vladimir, however… I like to march to the beat of my own drum. :wink: