LV2 .bmp files have no content Windows 10

Many, if not all, of the Pre-installed LV2 plugins load but display no visible control knobs or graphics. They are unusable in this state. I found the image folders at C:\Program Files\Ardour5\lib\ardour5\LV2. The \3D_delay.lv2\res\images folder shows many files with bmp extensions but most are blank. Other image folders are similar. The plugins seem to work with whatever default setting they have, but there is no way to adjust the setting since the images are not visible.

Can you make a screenshot of the plugin window?
I just double checked an it works fine to change the settings (using Ardour-5.12.0-w64-Setup.exe).

Keep in mind that those plugin GUIs do need a license from (the DSP works fine, it’s only the custom GUI that is restricted).

As for the .bmp files. They’re mostly “white elements on a transparent background” so depending on your viewer it’ll just look white.

Two other possibilities: perhaps try try reboot and re-install (maybe the files were not installed correctly) or perhaps an openGL issue (the textures were not loaded correctly). If the issue persists, you might want to contact Harrison support by email: mixbus @ harrisonconsoles . com

Thanks Robin. I’m just hiding them. I’m sure you are right that if registered they would show properly. At the moment, I can’t afford to register them. I did reboot and reinstall Ardour. Same results.

Thanks for your time.

The GUIs usually work for a limited amount of time (20-30 seconds each time you open them to evaluate the plugins). So you should be able to change settings before the UI fades to black.

The main reason to include the Harrison XT-* is to allow loading sessions from collaborators who purchased a license for the GUI. The session plays just fine (no noise added). Also if you really cannot afford the plugins, you could use the generic-control UI and at least get a good sound.

Anyway, if the plugin UIs don’t work it’s likely an issue with your system. Do other bundled LV2 plugins show the GUI? e.g. “x42-eq” or “Black Pearl” (drumkit, on a MIDI track). Those are also using openGL for the display), if not perhaps update openGL drivers.