Lumatone (hexagonal microtonal keyboard), anyone?

Has anybody here ever plugged a Lumatone [ ] into Ardour?

Looks very interesting, but it’s not quite my price range :sweat_smile:

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But I am in the Autumn of my life, so I actually ordered one,
and (after several months) it has just arrived. I confer
the honor of opening the package, to my musical son-in-law,
who will be arriving later today.
Sometime next year, I hope to see my upcoming granddaughter’s
fingers on that keyboard, tuned to 53 EDO.
For now, I just hope that the blessed thing will simply plug in to Ardour !

It seems like it should just show up as a multichannel MIDI controller. What will you connect the stream of MIDI data to? Seems like it will need a lot of configuration.

I don’t believe you mentioned which OS you use, but a cursory search for “lumatone linux” gives:

Introducing Lumatone Editor. The easiest way to connect to your Lumatone.

Download Now:

[MacOS] | [Windows] | [Linux]

Lumtone Editor is free software that allows you to create and modify mapping files for Lumatone, and save them as presets on your instrument. You can work with or without a Lumatone connected. When connected, you’ll get real-time visual feedback as you work. Every mapping allows you to define the unique characteristics of each key including key colour, midi note number and channel, and a variety of mapping-specific settings such as velocity curves, Lumatouch, polyphonic aftertouch, and expression pedal sensitivity.

First of all, I would like to hear sounds, when someone presses those keys.
Then, I would like the on/off option of recording the sounds.
Ardour, given a MIDI file, definitely can play it, and one can edit
to heart’s content.
Thus far, I’ve been going back and forth between Ardour and Melodyne,
and gotten some results that I like, but the labor involved is immense,
compared to a keyboard input.

Lumatone + Lumatone Editor + Universal Tuning Editor
with some ad-hoc Lumatone mappings of mine,
should speed things up, and make the task of composition
much more fluid and natural.

Mac OS 10.14 “Mojave”

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wow … crazy keyboard … jejejej!

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