Lua scripts in Ardour 7.x

Hi all,
i’m doing my first steps in getting into Lua scripts, but i already stuck:
I just copied an editor action script to $(home)/.config/ardour7/scripts (the scripts folder didn’t exist, so i created it), renamed it, deleted all inside the functions and edited the header, so i have an empty lua script, which should do nothing.
I thought, i would find the script inside ardour in the script manager, but it doesn’t appear there.
What do i miss?
Btw, if someone has a good source for ardour lua tutorials (i already found the video of david healy, which is very useful), i would be very thankful! :slight_smile:

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Use the Refresh button which is found in two places:

  • Edit > Lua Scripts > Script Manager > Add/Set > Refresh
  • right click on one of the action script buttons > Refresh

Either one.

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Hmm, I already did this, but I still can’t find the file in the list.
Peek 2023-04-28 15-59

File extension I’ll bet. Lowercase L: “.lua”.

Oh, that’s crazy… i swear, I tried this already too with lower case beginning extension and it did not work!
However, now it does!
Thank you for your quick reply! :slight_smile:

That screen capture GIF really helped. What did you use to make it?

I use “peek” on Linux mint

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