LUA script to select all tracks and disable or re-enable plugins

I know there is a script to disable plugins, but is there a way to have it where ardour will select all tracks to disable or re enable plugins. I originally had an idea for a power save mode by disabling all plugins via a lua script or when recording vocals on a project I already started I wish there was a way to only disable the plugins that added latency to the session so that it wouldn’t be completely disabled when you need to record tracks etc

In general you cannot disable plugins in Ardour. Since it must be possible to click-free bypass a plugin, most latent plugins delay the signal when bypassed.

You can however disable Plugin Delay Compensation in Ardour’s toolbar:
This results in the shortest delay from live input to output, but any paths with delay-causing plugins will sound later than those without.

If you don’t have any latent plugins in the direct monitor path that will do the trick.

So to answer your actual question, no there is no such Lua script.

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