Lua Script to Change MIDI Notes?

Is it possible (and relatively easy) to make a Lua script to change MIDI notes on a MIDI track? Like, say, change C4 to D4? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this?

Note that I do not want to map C4 to D4 in the track output, but to really change the notes on the track.

In case you are curious: I have my own MIDI map for drums. It seems to me that General MIDI was made to play drums on a keyboard, which I never do. So, I have a map that makes more sense (to me) on the piano roll, where I can have all the like instruments (kicks, snares, toms, cymbals, etc.) next to each other on the piano roll.

That would be good. I also map percussion in a similar way because of the Drum Gizmo sets which have far more channels than are provided in standard midi. For example, this is part of my DRS kit map:
map note=“86” instr=“Ride_shank_bell”
map note=“84” instr=“Ride_tip_bell”
map note=“82” instr=“Ride_tip_bell_chain”
map note=“80” instr=“Ride_tip_chain”
map note=“78” instr=“Ride_rest”
map note=“76” instr=“Ride_shank”
map note=“74” instr=“Ride_whisker”
map note=“72” instr=“Ride_tip”
map note=“66” instr=“Crash_right_whisker”
map note=“65” instr=“Crash_left_whisker”

There is an x42 plugin “Midi Map Transpose” at x42 MIDI Filter Collection that will do this partially, but it needs to be extended to cover the 100+ midi notes.

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