LUA-Script-Request (or Development)


I recently started to recognize how useful LUA-Scrips can be.

Some time ago I made a kind of feature request, but I realized
the quickest/practical solution would be an implementation via LUA-Script.

Don’t know if it is possible, because I’m an absolute beginner belonging to LUA.

It also is possible a script with my wanted features already exists
or exists with little changes to do.

We will see.

I describe what I’d like to have. Think of having made a long recording of a session or a rehearsal.

May the recording time be 2 hours or so. Sometimes I want to extract/export parts of the recording
into a new project.

The way I’d like to do it would be :

o I create a region of a part I want to “extract”.

Then the script shall be called and do the following:

o ask for the region to export (like a stem, just the wav-files)
o ask for the name of a new project which shall be created
o create new project
o import stem files
o open this new project

  • there could/can be options like
    o how shall the tracks in the new project (re)named.
    o close the project from which we started
    o which ex/import-format is wanted (16/24/32Bit, 44/48KBit …)

I hope this description is understandable in its intention.

There are many ways I can be satisfied :slight_smile:

o such a script exists, maybe with need of little further development
o there are different scripts that can be consolidated into one
o someone just implements it
o you support me with enough information for a BEGINNER (!) LUA-scripter and I do it
o a mixture of all those possibilities

Hopefully waiting for response

GUI Scripts run from withing the session so close + re-open is not viable.

You might be able to do this from outside (using the Lua command-line tool to create the session, then launch the GUI).

Then again perhaps there is a overall better solution to what you’re trying to accomplish. I’d probably just use Session > Save as, and later cleanup unused sources in the new session.

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