Lua script keyboard shortcuts from the Mixer

Is there any way to keyboard-shortcut trigger Lua scripts while in Mixer view?

I’m quickly running out of Lua action buttons and all of the ones I’ve used up so far are for Mixer related operations.

Maybe off topic, maybe you already know, but you can have more script buttons : , see “Display Action-Buttons”.

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Thanks but yes, I already have 12 buttons showing.

My problem is that I’m writing Lua scripts to assist me with Mixer operations and I have to switch out of Mixer view to to trigger them. If I want to use shortcuts for them that is, which I do for some of them, and will eventually need to for others once the buttons are used up.

It was a slim hope that I was missing a trick somehow, before I raise it as a feature request.

While you can bind up to 32 scripts, keyboard shortcuts are context sensitive, and EditorAction script are available from the Editor only.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll raise a feature request.

This topic can be closed, if that’s possible. Folks can comment in the new one if they need to.

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