LUA script for Sidechain eq

I was trying to find a way to modulate the gain of an eq band using a sidechain audio signal in Ardour, since it is not easy to find an EQ plugin that has a builted-in sidechain on Linux

Making a research on google I found an interesting video on a LUA script doing something similar to what I was thinking:

Anyone can explain me how the script shown in this video can be loaded and linked to a certain plugin?

Thank you

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That video shows prototype that was never completed.

I think has some side-chain filter. Other than that you could use ingen (or some modular synth environment) and patch some EQ with envelope follower.

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Damien Zammits Zam Dynamic EQ also has a sidechain input.


Thank you for the replies.
It would be nice to have the possibility to complete the LUA script in Ardour in order to modulate a generic plugin.
For the moment I will take a look to your suggestions

I have to try these plugins. Thanks for the information.

I’m still struggling to get a sidechain to default for LUA proc plug-ins, LUA DSP plugins.

I have scoured the code in primarily and am still confused if this is even possible or not?

Thanks in advance

Currently on LV2 plugins can provide port meta-data for plugin I/O and flag ports as explicit side-chain input.

However, after adding a plugin, you can manually add/remove/connect side-chain by customizing Pin-connections. This is also how it works for VST2.x. plugins.

Thanks Robin. It’s a shame that this can’t be defaulted but I guess I could write a lua script to implement that sidechain addition on instantiation.

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