Lua script for panning

Hi, I looked through the list of Lua scripts in the Ardour repository,
but couldn’t find a script that does anything with panning.
I’m interested in automating panning, a pulsating movement from left to right and back.
Does anybody have a ‘panning’ script to get me started ?

Hey, if you mean using automation curves for panning, then you have to do as on these pictures :slight_smile:

But if you mean that you want to have panning made automatically then you will need some plugin to do that. I personally use PanCake from Cableguys, it’s really nice. But it’s not open-source and I think it’s not available on Linux if that is a problem for you.

Hi Philippe, thanks for your answer, but that’s not what I meant.
I would like to experiment with panning programmatically through the Lua api

Have a look at the Fader Automation snippet:

and simply replace line 16 with r:pan_azimuth_control().

(have a look at, search for AutomationControl)

As for plugins there’s PingPongPan available from or the dpf-plugins pack from

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