Lua Script and midi foot controller in Ardour 6.9-5


I’ll try to be as clear as possible but it’s been a big headache for several weeks on this very important topic for me.

  1. I’m a guitarist so when I play my hands are full.

  2. I would like to use my foot controller (midi mouse tech21 which works very well with Ardour) to “launch short sounds” on the fly, live, while continuing to play the guitar. Synth sounds, noises, etc. using a region split track with all my sounds in each region and going from region to region. It seemed to me that this was the best solution.
    I’ve exhausted my midi mouse mapping solutions to what it can do in the interface (don’t do much about the transport. There’s no button to map directly in the interface that goes from region to region, apart from going to the start and end of the track). A LUA script seems like the only solution to me.

  3. With just one click on the pedalboard, my playback head should automatically position itself at the start of a region, start the transport and stop at the end of the region, and the best thing would be by switching to 1 it goes to the beginning of region 1, to 2 for region 2 or to 5 for region 5, for example. That would be ideal. But I could just jump from region to region and then start the transport. There is no shortage of solutions for this (shortcut or built-in LUA script playing on intervals and markers). So I need to write (or find) a script that maps my controller and does what is said at the beginning of this paragraph.

So I’ve been working on this language for 1 week. If it’s a language that’s not too complex, it’s still difficult when you’re not a developer and you just have a few notions of bash.

While searching I found this post that comes closest to what I want to do.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Are there other solutions?
All information is welcome!
Thank you.


I’m the Author of the original Post. Yes, it’s the exact same scenario i want to solve.

Just to let you know: Sadly i did not make any progress on this. Since there was no satisfying answer and i had no time (and because auf C19, no need) to figure it out by myself. … But as shows are starting more and more, this is back on my desk and i will have a look into it in the next weeks. I will provide my LUA Code via GitHub and try to find some help. In the meanwhile i switched to Mixbus. So i will also try to contact their support. Hopefully they are more responsive.

I’ll let you know, here.

stay tuned…

Awesome !
I put the LUA scripts aside for a while to find another solution with the use of Linux show player (LiSP).

It’s a great software used in the theater to launch sounds except that it does not capture any foot controller except my MPK mini which I therefore use as a foot switch…
But I want to come back to this LUA script.
Your post makes me very happy !

See you soon.

… now i’m on it again.

To address your 2nd Point:
I assume you only tried the “Midi Learn”- aka. “Ctrl.-Middle-Click”-Way, right? Sadly that’s not working because of the missing Jump-To-Next-Marker/Region Button in the UI … as you already noticed.

To solve this, i created my own Midi-Controll-Map-File by hand. In my case it’s a Harley Benton MP100 Foot-Controller but the same would work for your Controller too, as long as it can send CC commands.

Here you can find my Harley Benton MP100 Map. You just need to either adjust the file to match the commands your controller sends or adjust your controller (if possible) to send the commands in the file.

The file should be located in the midi_maps sub directory located in the Ardour configuration directory

And here is a short Readme for it. There you find links to the according Ardour Docs.

Let me know, if you need a more detailed advice.

I will address Point 3. soon

… stay tuned


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