LUA: Open a midi region in musescore

This is a follow up to another topic I made about launching an external program from within Ardour (Launch an external application with LUA)

My whole goal there was to have Ardour open up a midi region in musescore.

Well I have achieved that, although, in not the most ideal way. In the original post I was having trouble executing musescore directly, so I found a workaround of having the script create a cron job and opening it that way.

I now have a fully working script, I have only tested it with my machine setup ( Debian Bookworm) and with musescore 2

The way it works is it gets the direct file path of the region on the disk, creates a temporary cronjob then erases the cronjob after a delay. There is also some dialog boxes that gives the user some tips if musescore is not opening up and let’s them know to wait up to 1 minute before musescore opens up since it’s a cron job.

Here is a video demonstrating the script:

Here is the script if you want to try it out yourself:

Feedback, suggestions, and PRs are welcome though I ask that if you are going to provide feedback, please go easy as I am still kind of newish at programming.

Hopefully someone finds this useful.


Updated version of this script, now uses musescore in the background to convert to PDF then open said PDF in Firefox. Still working why I can’t launch the file directly from within the LUA script (can launch musescore by itself with no file specified) or why this script won’t work at all in Wayland. (Not that I am currently fan of Wayland, but I know that is where things are headed right now).

In case anyone cares, I now have it so it launches Musescore directly. :grinning:

Edit: This now also works in Wayland.