Lua DSP Plugin for Real-time MIDI Remapping

Hi all,

This is a little Ardour Lua DSP script I put together for remapping arbitrary MIDI notes in real time. I wanted to post it here in case it’s useful to anyone else. Maybe I was using the wrong search terms, but I wasn’t able to find anything equivalent and free.

The script is on my GitHub here. To install, just put it in the Lua script directory and (re)start Ardour. (On Mac, that folder is $HOME/Library/Preferences/Ardour5/scripts.)

You can map any MIDI note to any other. Polyphonic aftertouch should also be remapped, though I didn’t test that. Timing and velocities are unaffected, and all other MIDI data is passed through untouched. By default it allows up to 10 remappings; just change N_REMAPINGS in the code if you need more.

Hopefully someone finds this useful.


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Do you plan to develop this further? If not perhaps this can be included upstream and shipped with ardour as-is.

Perhaps file a pull-request at

Unless someone finds a bug or other issue, I didn’t plan to do any more work on this, so I’ve submitted a PR on the GitHub repo. That seems like a better place to discuss the code itself if there are changes that need to be made.