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Hello super coders!
I’ve decided to make a separate topic about my LUA “scripting affairs”. The question:
Are there some options (or code editions) to accept offered conditions of the consolidate operation in my so-called “script”? :)) :

Editor:access_action("Editor", "editor-consolidate")

May be something like:
Editor:access_action("Editor", "editor-consolidate" (true), (yes), (), (or something))

My goal is to exec the script (consolidate regions) without the dialog:

(I could make two script versions: MIDI Glue & MIDI Glue Dialog)

actions are by definition explicit. An action is performed on the selection, and there are no parameters or options for the operations itself.

(Most actions are menu-items, and hence don’t have any options).

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Thanks for super fast reply, Robin! OK! I understand that know nothing… :)) Thanks anyway!

In the past it was a headless operation. I disagreed with @BenLoftis when he added the dialog and hence did not yet take the time to properly clean things up.

Ideally there would be a separate function that uses the result of the dialog, and that function would be available as Lua binding.

Meanwhile, you probably have to just manually call Track:bounce_range()
compare to ardour/bounce_replace.lua at master · Ardour/ardour · GitHub

PS. in case it helps, the actual C++ code is ardour/ at c3d4453bdfee954df98892586d5b01286bc7c7fb · Ardour/ardour · GitHub

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Robin!! That’s enough for a noob! I’ve just wanted to know that my question is not trivial. You gave me a wide picture! Big great THANK! :)) I’ll try to figure out…ooo))

Sorry, that I forced you to waste the time for a person who simply wants to know/?///
Now - I’ve got a deep answer - thank you & good luck&health!!!
I’ll try not to get any more :alien:))!

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