Lua and LV2 Convolution Stereo

In Ardour (linux), is it possible to set the impulseresponse file of the LV2 Convolution Stereo plugin with Lua?

No. There are no Lua bindings for plugin properties, yet.

Meanwhile, you could create presets for each of the IRs that you want to use and then just switch presets as needed.

PS. that plugin was superseded by x42 Zero Config|Latency Convolver

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THANKS. Very interesting! Iā€™m going to look at that

This allows you to define the plugin for a track but how to do it for a specific region?

Ardour does not have per region effects (yet).

This requires using one track per region linked to the convolution. Do you plan to offer effects by region in the near future?

If the regions do not overlap, you could use sends to reverb busses with different IRs and automate send-level (or automate dry/wet level of the x42-convovler on the track itself).

It is on the ToDo list, but there is no ETA.

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