LSP Plugins version 1.1.4 with huge amount of changes!

Release 1.1.4 is coming out with a lot of new changes!

First of all, LSP Plugins became completely open source and are licensed under terms of GNU LGPL v3 license!

Additionally, experimental support of ARMv7-A architecture added, basicly for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ devices.

The overall list of changes is listed below:

  • Changed licensing to GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (GNU LGPL v3).
  • Moved code repository to GitHub while keeping release history.
  • Implemented linear impulse response profiler plugin.
  • Added basic Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ (ARMv7A) support (experimental).
  • Implemented unit testing subsystem.
  • Implemented performance testing subsystem.
  • Implemented manual testing subsystem.
  • Fixed and optimized convolution algorithm for convolver module that produced invalid output.
  • Added LSPC file format implementation.
  • Added LSPC file format support to convolver plugins.
  • Huge refactoring: DSP code moved from core to separate subtree.
  • Partially implemented NEON SIMD instruction support for some DSP assembly functions for ARMv7A architecture.
  • Fixed bugs in some DSP oversampling routines.
  • Optimized complex multiplication functions.
  • Implemented additional complex number routines.
  • Implemented additional functions to DSP core.
  • Fixed compilation warnings and errors emitted by the GCC 8 compiler.
  • Updated development documentation.

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This looks very interesting, thanks for all your work! I am curious to see the performance of that IR convolver and profiler as well, some good possibilities if they don’t suffer from problems others have under Linux.