LSP Plugins version 1.1.2 is ready for use!

After hard work, new release of LSP Plugins, version 1.1.2, is ready!

The main list of changes is following:

  • Implemented Muliband Compressor plugin series.
  • Added possibility to mute playback by triggering the 'note off' MIDI event in sampler plugin series.
  • Implemented ComboGroup wiget for dynamically switching internal contents of the group.
  • Fixed error in filter processing algorithms that could yield to invalid results when source and destination buffers differ.
  • Additionally tuned SSE code of static filters.
  • Refactored CPU identification routines and optimized assembly routines selection.
  • Small fixes in UI grid cell allocation and rendering.
  • Improved design of markers: added gradient highliting.
  • Fixed some UI issues related to switched port values.
  • Removed support of some plugins by LADSPA that can not be supported by LADSPA.
  • Optimized calculations related to logarithmic axis.
  • Fixed bug in UI expression language that incorrectly interpreted 'not' operation.
  • Added power mathematical operator to UI expression language.

As usual, you can wath a demo video on youtube:

You also may help the project and subscribe/donate on Bountysource:

You should also mention where we can get it from!
I found the URL at the end of the video:
Now my studio is rebuilt after a house move, I’ll be trying LSP out soon!

A regular pleasant gift! Thank you SadKo :slight_smile:
I’d like to ask have you any thoughts about making a multiband compressor with sidechain possibility? To compress only some frequency area of a bass part using a kick drum part for example?

@cooltehno, it’s already there! The release contains:

  • Multiband Mono, Stereo, LeftRight, MidSide compressor;
  • Sidechain Multiband Mono, Stereo, LeftRight, MidSide compressor.

)) Sorry my near-sight! I’ve found)) Great thanks to you for cool plugins!

Awesome! thanks man! I look forward to trying them soon.