LSP Plugins version 1.0.12 released!

Many optimization work was done that highly increase performance. Additional features are now provided for most plugins. Here is the following list of changes:

  • Implemented LSP Grafischer Entzerrer (Graphic Equalizer) x16 Mono/Stereo/LeftRight/MidSide plugin series.
  • Implemented LSP Grafischer Entzerrer (Graphic Equalizer) x32 Mono/Stereo/LeftRight/MidSide plugin series.
  • Additional package with HTML documentation is now provided.
  • Fixed behaviour of trigger-type button when right mouse click occurs.
  • Added output balance knob to LSP Parametrischer Entzerrer Stereo/LeftRight/MidSide plugin series.
  • Implemented multiband crossover processor in DSP core for future use.
  • Added Inline Display LV2 extension support provided by Ardour to all LV2 plugin series that use interactive graphic output.
  • Standalone versions of plugins now draw their state on window icons similarly to Inline Display extension.
  • Optmized processing speed of IIR filters, overall acceleration is about 1.5x for filters with low number of poles and zeros, about 5x for filters with high amount of poles and zeros.
  • Optimized equalizer structure by using filter banks. Low-pole filters in equalizer are combined into 4x biquad filter banks. Overall performance improvement is about 4x.
  • Floating-point calculations are more accurate now for FIR filters.
  • Added output signal metering to LSP Parametrischer Entzerrer plugin series.
  • Moved spectrum analysis into separate core module for making re-usable.
  • Fixed bugs of floating-point number formatting by the 'indicator' widget.
  • Added possibility to minimize visual space used by plugin by reducing size of rack mount studs in the UI.
  • Plugin UIs now store global configuration in ~/.config/lsp-plugins/lsp-plugins.cfg file.
  • Fixed MIDI output for JACK wrapper.
  • Added avoiding of denormal floating point values that may cause extra CPU performance penalty by modifying MXCSR register value before audio processing stage and restoring it's value after audio processing stage.

As usual, demo is available at youtube:

Packages are available at usual place: … s/v1.0.12/

Also, donations are welcome:

Packages are available at usual place:

@SadKo: what GUI toolkit do you use for LSP?

@paul, currently I use GTK2 with cairo. But because all UIs are just XML schemes, there is always a possibility to switch to another tookit by implementing another widget factory.

Very cool. Thank you

Great plug-in
The only thing for my taste, as a UI detail, I would like a more contrasted color for the left channel, the red color is to dull and not always easy to spot precisely.

Another details, I cannot save the settings with the “normal” ardour way. It’s possible to save a name, but it don’t save the settings.
There is an export and import function, but it would be easier to manage the settings normally, and have them in the “Favorite panel”

@phdemartin: never used this feature (saving configuration). Currently there is no problem to save state for plugin. Probably to support it by LV2 I should implement some of capabilities that I’ve missed while doing LV2 wrapper. Thanks to you for making attention about this. Added to the TODO list for the new release.
Export and import feature makes possible to move configuration bitween different formats of plugins (LinuxVST and LV2 (and possible others if they are), excluding LADSPA because there is no normal way to implement UI) and also makes possible to interchange data between plugins of one series.

The decision to use red for left channel and cyan for right channel came after the Spektrumanalysator x2 was implemented. There one of channels became red because for that channel hue=0 and the second became cyan because hue=0.5. So I decided to follow this coloring rule in the future. Sorry if it really makes to much sense.

Okay, Robin Gareus (x42) helped finding out the cause of a problem. It’s an LV2 bug that causes invalid behaviour while saving patches for plugins containing square braces “[LV2]” in plugin name. Simply removing these braces from plugin names solved problem.
Fixes will be available in new build (1.0.14) or bug-fix release (1.0.13) if there will be another critical bugs.

First, thank you for those great plug-ins
The “save” thing is a minor details, we always can use your import/export feature.
As for the red left color, it’s annoying, especially for me, I’ve got bad sight. The visibility between the 2 channels is really unbalanced for me.

Another details I’ve noted, the Bypass button seems to be inverted.
In the physical world, normally you press the “1” or “0” and the selected position get pressed down, and in case of the “1” “on” position, the light get on, but in the Graphic Equalizer it is inverted ?? when the “1” is pressed down and the light is on, the plug-in is bypassed…

In other subject, it would be great to be able to enter numerical values by double clicking on the DB value under the knobs.

@phdemartin: In most cases, bypass works as ‘hot bypass’, so when you switch ‘1’, you make it working. Maybe this explanation will fit the idea :). Also I’ve changed green led to red led after some release, so now the color of the led is ‘warning’ rather than ‘notifying’.

In other subject, it would be great to be able to enter numerical values by double clicking on the DB value under the knobs.
It’s a good idea. I have to think about how to implement it. Maybe it will be done in the new release. Currently you may use right mouse button to get more precision while adjusting knob values.

Also consider to read documentation (if you didn’t it already), most key features relative to widgets are probably well described there.

It’s make sense