LSP Plugins: the first anniversary 1.0.18 release is out!

LSP Plugins celebrate one year since first 1.0.0 release! This day, new release of version 1.0.18 has been published.

  • Implemented Begrenzer Mono, Stereo, Sidechain Mono, Sidechain Stereo (Limiter) plugin series.
  • Added KVRDC16 entry - Dynamikprozessor Mono, Stereo, LeftRight, MidSide plugin series.
  • Added 2x/3x/4x oversampling support by DSP modules.
  • Small code refactoring.

This release contains KVRDC16 entry - Dynamikprocessor. If you have previously downloaded and installed it from KVR site, please remove it before installing this pacakge.

As usual, binaries are available at
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Demo that demonstrates the limiter is available on youtube, too:

Also, I think, we should play a small game for the upcoming Christmas and New Year.
Just explain in details what plugin you’re missing in linux audio and how should it work, and, maybe, Santa will bring it to life in the future.

Just explain in details what plugin you're missing in linux audio
That's easy: pitch correction that works properly. A Linux equivalent of Melodyne would be good. :-)

I think noise reduction is the other big hole in LA currently.
There are some pitch correction options, like, but this is quite limited in capability compared to melodyne.
I’m also really curious to see what an LSP synth would be like :slight_smile: More quality instruments couldn’t hurt.

Congrats on the release, thanks for these plugins.

@anahata: are you even sane? Do you realize complexity of algorithms Celemony Melodyne uses? This can never be made by one person, and definitely not for free.

On topic: I’d like to see, for example, a decent saturator, a multiband compressor, and a maximizer, possibly combined into one big mastering plugin.

Oh, and one more. The thing we starve for really long is a good stereo image expander. Like the one you wrote for Calf project, but better.

Also I decided that ask $600 for Phasendetektor currently is too much, so I lowered the price to $300. And, good news, there are only $200 left for the SCR release that will contain source code of that plugin.