LSP Plugins release 1.0.16 is out!

Release 1.0.16 continues the extension of the set of dynamic processors. This release adds two additional bundles - Gate and Expander. Also there are couple of changes to the UI engine. More information below:

  • Implemented Expander Mono, Stereo, LeftRight, MidSide plugin series.
  • Implemented Gate Mono, Stereo, LeftRight, MidSide plugin series.
  • Added expression language to XML documents that allows to evaluate floating-point values.
  • Added feature to meter widget: now middle point-relative output is supported.
  • Added possibility to display two values for one metering widget simultaneously.
  • Some metadata corrections.
  • Updated naming of LinuxVST .so files: all underscore characters are replaced by minuses.
  • Added 'TROUBLESHOOTING' section to README.txt and documentation that describes how to
  • pefrorm detailed bug/crash report.
  • Fixed bug of sidechain triggered when it's working in mid-side mode.
  • Updated UI design of the trigger relative to metering.

As usual, demo is available on youtube:
Download page:

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Fantastic, the gate and expander look really good.