LSP Plugins 1.2.7 released

LSP Plugins 1.2.7 released!

  • Fixed CLAP UI support for Bitwig Studio.
  • Fixed build that disabled CairoCanvas for Inline Display feature.
  • Fixed memory leakage issued by the libcairo font cache on the plugin UI close.
    Moved custom font rendering solution to direct usage of libfreetype.
  • Fixed crash (BadMatch) for Fluxbox window manager on popup windows.
  • Fixed popup window heading display in Fluxbox.
  • Fixed non-working solo button for Parametric Equalizer after 1.2.6 release.
  • Removed Makefile.d. Dependencies are now automatically generated at the build stage.
  • Added possibility to invert the behaviour of mouse scroll for all widgets or
    for graph dot widget.
  • Added frequency display and gain for each filter of Graphic Equalizer plugin series.
  • Added measure button and meter line on graph for Spectrum Analyzer plugin series.
  • Added display of filter number, filer channel and filter type near to the
    frequency and note.
  • Added possibility to change the thickness of lies on the spectrum graph for the
    Spectrum Analyzer plugin series.
  • Some output parameters like Latency are not exported into configuration file anymore.

Release on GitHub


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