LSP Plugins 1.2.5 released!

LSP Plugins 1.2.5 have been just released.

  • Introduced CLAP plugin format support.
  • Introduced the ‘Override Hydrogen drumkit’ feature for Multisampler plugin series.
  • Reworked and simplified the behaviour of the parameters that define ‘Stretch’ and
    ‘Loop’ ranges.
  • Minimum and maximum values now depend on the sample length for several parameters
    like ‘Stretch’, ‘Loop’, ‘Fade in’ and ‘Fade out’ in the Sampler and Multisampler
    plugin series.
  • Fixed the application menu spam in GNOME environment by reworking the XDG files
    (contributed by sdwolfz).
  • Changed VST parameter normalized value mapping for logarithmic parameters.
  • Added possibility to specify JACK connections that should be estimated by the
    standalone JACK plugin when the plugin connects to the JACK server.
  • Implemented plugin metadata validator which runs at the build stage and verifies
    the consistency of the plugin metadata.
  • Fixed bug related to modification of cyclic parameters for several plugin formats.
  • Fixed possible crash when importing configuration data from clipboard.
  • Added possibility to enable/disable Knob’s scale actions.
  • Several bugfixes related to the memory access in the lsp-ws-lib.

Thank you @SadKo, and I hope you’re doing fine. This vast amount of work you do is really very much appreciated.


The lsp-plugins 1.2.5 doesn’t work for me. In the log windows is written: " LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin"

The 1.2.4 works fine.

It works for me on a current OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, with Ardour 7.2 and LSP Plugins 1.2.5 packages provided by the Geekos DAW repo.

What version of GLIBC do you have installed?
I’ve met that some builds have newer GLIBC version required rather than users have in their distributions.

Thank you for answer. I have the glibc-version 2.35

The plugins were built for glibc 2.31. And as I understand, the glibc has some comatiblity breaches in 2.35. You can try to watch what the ldd <shared-object-file> shows for plugin binaries. There can be some dependencies missing or incompatible glibc.

Thank you. I have now solved the problem by downloading the deb package.

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