LSP Plugins 1.2.2 released!

LSP Plugins 1.2.2 Released!

  • Implemented Multiband Dynamic Processor plugin series.
  • Changed donation methods.
  • Added german translations (contributed by Johannes Guenther).
  • Added pitch control for the sample in the Sampler and Multisampler plugin series
    (contributed by Vitalius Kuchalskis).
  • Added pitch control for the sample in the Trigger plugin series.
  • Fixed plugin version tracking which didn’t save the updated version
    to the configuration file.
  • Fixed improper configuration file import in JACK headless mode.
  • Fixed segmentation fault error in JACK headless mode when JACK connection was lost.
  • Added window scaling button function for plugin window.

Downloads: Release Release 1.2.2 · sadko4u/lsp-plugins · GitHub

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