LSP Plugins 1.2.16 released!

  • Implemented Chorus plugin series.
  • Implemented advanced internal buffer cleanup algorithm that does not cause high CPU load for Slap-Back Delay plugin.
  • Added stereo correlometer to the Spectrum Analyzer plugin series.
  • Added feedback to the Slap-Back delay plugin.
  • Implemented Dry/Wet balance knob for the following plugin series:
    • Artistic Delay;
    • Beat Breather;
    • Compensation Delay;
    • Flanger;
    • Impulse Responses;
    • Impulse Reverb;
    • Room Builder;
    • Sampler;
    • Multisampler;
    • Slap-Back delay.
  • Removed ‘Amount’ knob in Flanger plugin series as it can be fully replaced by Dry/Wet/DryWet knobs.
  • Several fixes related to window position of VST3 plugin format.
  • Workaround for Bitwig Studio DAW memory leak when VST3 plugins extensively use messaging.
  • Fixed bug related to improper loading of RIFF files with 32-bit float sample format.
  • Fixed configuration export for LV2 format where plugins exported paths mapped by a DAW instead of real file paths.
  • Fixed improper numpad key handling in UI for Windows.
  • Fixed Artistic Delay which could generate audio garbage on session startup.
  • Improved precision of bilinear transform for filters which could blow up signal when using steep-curved filters.
  • Fixed jumping UI controls issues caused by variable widths of diffrent parameters.

GitHub: Release Release 1.2.16 · lsp-plugins/lsp-plugins · GitHub


Hi, thank you for your great work! I got a quetion after reading changelog and looking at downloads - do I understand correctly that there is an experimental support for windows if I compile source code myself?

Thanks! I still have the resize issue :confused:
lsp bugreport

@x42 there’s a call for you in that bugreport :slight_smile:

I know. If I had any feedback I would already have chimed in there.

do these plus - minus symbols do nothing?

The size is not restored when I reopen the plugin. More info in the bugreport.

I have LSP (LV2) running on my Windows-System. I compiled with the MSYS2-System, no problems so far. I can now go back and forth from one system to the other without having to change anything. The only problem I discovered a few days ago was with the Convolution Reverb. It doesn’t find the impulse response, even if I choose a filepath which is similar to both systems (e.g. something inside the project directory). It says “permission denied”.

Hmm. Could you please describe some case to reproduce the problem?

I just dug in a little deeper and I think it’s not LSPs fault. My configuration is a bit weird, using Nextcloud for syncronisation and I think the problem is that the Nextcloud client (or Windows) can’t handle symlinks, which Ardour relies on in this case. When I inspected the project folder in Linux there were some symlinks to the impulse responses in the subfolders under “plugins” which are then missing under Windows.

That’s why I told to David Robillard aka Drobilla that using symlinks is a bad idea when implementing the mapPath feature in LV2 using symlinks.

There are numerous ‘bugs’ in my tracker related to LV2 which are actually the restrictions of LV2 design:

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