LSP Plugins 1.2.14 released!

LSP Plugins celebrates the 8th anniversary and introduces the 1.2.14 release!

  • Implemented Clipper plugins series.
  • Implemented Multiband Clipper plugin series.
  • Implemented Parametric Equalizer x8 plugin series.
  • Updated VST 2.x plugin naming to fit the maximum possible length of 31 characters.
  • Added tracking of maximum values option for Spectrum Analyzer plugin series.
  • Added possibility to change frequency values by double click for GOTT Compressor.
  • Improved performance of expression language in the UI.
  • Implemented separate input and output signal spectrum analysis for Filter, Graphic Equalizer and Parametric Equalizer plugin series.
  • Updated default value and extended range of the zoom fader for Filter, Graphic Equalizer and Parametric Equalizer plugin series.
  • Added possibility to globally adjust filter point size for Filter, Graphic Equalizer and Parametric Equalizer plugin series.
  • Added gain level display for filter info of the Parametric Equalizer and Filter plugin series.
  • Added missing inline display to the Autogain plugin series.
  • Threshold markers are now editable for all dynamics and multiband dynamics plugins.
  • Implemented switch that controls automatic scaling of spectrum graph for plugin series:
    • Beat Breather.
    • Filter.
    • GOTT Compressor.
    • Graphic Equalizer.
    • Multiband Compressor.
    • Multiband Dynamic Processor.
    • Multiband Gate.
    • Multiband Expander.
    • Multiband Limiter.
    • Noise Generator.
    • Parametric Equalizer.
  • Many code updates that could cause potential problems related to using another decimal point for floating-point number formatting.
  • Added frequency and note displaying for band splits for all multiband plugin series.
  • Added support of storing current file type selection in file dialogs of UI.
  • Optimization of compressor and gate functions using AVX-512 instruction set.
  • Fixed bug in Mid/Side conversion functions for AArch64 architecture (contributed by marcan at GitHub).
  • Introduced SIMD-optimized expander curve and gain functions.
  • Improved performance of logarithmic values calculations for DSP modules.

Nice Christmas gift! Thanks for this :ok_hand:

Thanks! Do you plan to write a de-esser plugin? :slight_smile:

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There are many plugins to do. Maybe once.


Where can I get or download this?

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