LSP Plugins 1.2.12 released!

  • Implemented Autogain plugin series for controlling the loudness of the signal according to the ITU-R BS.1770-4 specificaions.
  • Implemented SIMD-optimized curve and gain calculation functions for compressors which allow to lower the CPU consumption by compressor plugins.
  • More AVX-512 optimized functions added to the low-level DSP code.
  • Additional SIMD-optimized functions added to DSP library.
  • Fixed VST2 plugin crash on UI close in OBS Studio.
  • Fixed invalid default values of parameters for CLAP plugin format.
  • Fixed double memory free of generated port metadata in CLAP, VST2 and LV2 wrappers.
  • Fixed HPF/LPF knob activity in the UI for multiband dynamics plugins.

The demo on YouTube:

The release, as usual, is here:


I’m finally understanding how to use the LSP Multisampler to make my drums, and now I see how great it works to edit only one MIDI and send the sounds in separate audio channels in Ardour. Thank you.

I’m wondering if its possible to change the number of instruments inside the plugin (sometimes I need 8 or 16 instruments for example, and the 12 or 24 channels are not enough or too much in those cases).

You can just export configuration using the ‘Save’ menu, add new plugin with greater number of channels and import the configuration using the ‘Load’ menu. All should work fine.

Great Plugins - i love it.

Btw: Is it possible to use it for small editing a mp3 on Audacity?
The plugins are recognized from Audacity (lv2), but not the graphical interface (so it looks very spartanical).
How can i bring the normal GUI to it?

I think the best way is to ask Audacity team. As I understand, plugin support is pretty poor there at this moment.

That’s a limitation on Audacity’s part.

You can also import Hydrogen drumkits and SFZ then export as a Sampler Package to load them pre-configured later

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Your Plugins work now in Audactiy 3.4 as vst2 version with Linux Mint 21.2

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