LSP Plugins 1.2.10 released!

  • Implemented Beat Breather plugin series.
  • Added phase switches to Delay Compensator plugin series.
  • Implemented Stereo Split mode for stereo version of all dynamic plugins:
    • Compressor and Multiband Compressor;
    • Dynamics Processor and Multiband Dynamics Processor;
    • Expander and Multiband Expander;
    • Gate and Multiband Gate;
    • GOTT Compressor.
  • Added Allpass filter to the Filter plugin series.
  • Added Bandpass, Ladder-pass and Ladder-rej filters to Parametric Equalizer
    plugin series.
  • Introduced Linear Phase mode for the Crossover plugin series.
  • Introduced Linear Phase mode for multiband plugin series:
    • GOTT Compressor;
    • Multiband Compressor;
    • Multiband Dynamics Processor;
    • Multiband Expander;
    • Multiband Gate;
    • Multiband Limiter.
  • Fixed missing inline display for Phase Detector plugin.
  • Fixed invalid input signal level metering for Flanger plugin series.
  • Fixed frequency inspection bug for LeftRight and MidSide versions of
    Parametric Equalizer plugin series.
  • Fixed improper latency value report by Multiband Limiter plugin series.

The demo of new Beat Breather plugin on YouTube:


And the import SFZ, Hydrogen feature are awesome, also the "export as lsp-sample-package feature!

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