LSP Plugins 1.2.1 released!

Release 1.2.1

  • Introduced JACK connection status indication for JACK plugin format.
  • Improved keyboard event handling for VST2 plugin format in the case the host prevents
    plugins from directly receiving X11 events.
  • Updated serialization format of the KVT (Key-Value Tree) for the LV2 plugin format.
  • Updated parameter mapping LV2 URI for KVT.
  • Updated build (some resources were unnecessary added to builtin resources).
  • Updated version handling in the UI wrapper that allows to control multiple bundle
    versions in one global configuration file.
  • Updated grammar in several text comments (contributed by Dennis Braun).
  • Fixed typo in Wavefront Object File Format name.
  • Fixed bugs related to usage of custom installation prefix in build scripts.
  • Fixed the XDG data installation script that forced to use ‘/usr/local/share’
    location for shared icons.
  • Fixed problem with the UI visibility status update for JACK plugin format
    that could cause problems of missing of some graphical content in the UI.
  • Fixed invalid pointer dereference when exporting configuration file that could cause crashes.
  • Fixed bug that caused plugins working in headless mode to crash.
  • Fixed regression related to saving state of some plugin controls using lv2:State interface.
  • Fixed missing serialization for high-precision parameters in the configuration file.
  • Fixed bug related to improper parsing of port name aliases in the UI.
  • Fixed typo in Wavefront Object File Format name.
  • Fixed bug that could cause improper window sizing in several cases.

It sounds great. Are they in the debian repository?

You should ask the Debian maintainers about that, but I doubt even debian-unstable has software this brand new.

You can download source or binaries from Release Release 1.2.1 · sadko4u/lsp-plugins · GitHub or Linux Studio Plugins Project

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There are official debian packages, but it will be a while until packagers catch up.

Many thanks for the links :smile:

Yes thanks Robin, theyre still on Version 1.1 in the debian repository. I will keep going back to check

Great work! Thank you very much.

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