LSP Plugins 1.2.0 Released

Release 1.2.0.

  • Decomposition of core modules into submodules.
  • Implemented multiple visual themes for the plugins.
  • Added possibility to change visual themes in runtime.
  • Added headless support for JACK plugins.
  • Fixed delay compensation issue for Dry/Wet balance for single-banded dynamic plugin series (Compressor/Gate/Expander/Dynamic Processor).
  • Add support of LV2UI:scaleFactor extension - Add UI scale & color extensions by x42 · Pull Request #38 · lv2/lv2 · GitHub
  • Implemented ‘Reset to default’ button.
  • Added support of building under LoongArch32 and LoongArch64 architectures.
  • Added support of building under 32-bit and 64-bit RISC-V architectures.

Great job! It would be great if the plugins still had an undo/redo function integrated. This function would be very useful in my opinion, so that you do not always have to remember the previous settings.

A bunch of great plugins now even greater! Thank you for your hard work! :slight_smile: Love the new UI!

Hi Vladimir, very nice website and plugin ui and very sad circumstances.
I have never sent money to a crypto wallet until now and find it a bit difficult, but I try.
I wish you all the best, Axel

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