LSP Plugins 1.1.9 released!

(Vladimir Sadovnikov) #1

This is mostly a hot-fix release for regressions occurred in a 1.1.7 release. Anyway, there are also some couple of new changes:

  • Added experimental support of AArch64 architecture (DSP code is not optimized yet).
  • Fixed regression in VST and Standalone plugin formats that caused offline tasks to not to be launched.
  • Improved build system to make source code possible to build for KXStudio repository. Distribution builders should ensure that the GNU C++ compiler is selected at the build stage.
  • Additional I/O improvements for better WindowsNT support.

Also, you may now observe LSP Plugins in KXStudio repositories as a lsp-plugins package.

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(cooltehno) #2

FalkTX integration power!! Tested - all good (installed through Synaptic, Ubuntu 18.04.2). Great, as usual, thanks, SadKo!