LSP Plugins 1.1.7 released!

We care about the quality of provided plugin bundle and release new bug-fix release that contains the following changes:

  • Implemented fully compatible with EqualizerAPO software digital filters that are
    now part of the Parametric Equalizer plugin series.
  • Fixed issue that caused VST plugins not to load from cusom user-defined path.
  • Some code parts rewritten for better compatibility with WindowsNT platform.
  • Fixed file listing in the file dialog that caused improper reading of remote directories
    mounted on the local file system.
  • Changed implementation of LV2 MIDI transport so now plugins utilize only one
    LV2:Atom input port and one LV2:Atom output port.
  • Fixed bug in host<->UI time and position synchronization for VST plugin format.
  • Fixed AVX+FMA3 implementation of dynamic biquadratic filters that caused improper
    behaviour of the Multi-band compressor plugin on machines that support AVX and FMA3
    instruction set.
  • Multiband compressor now properly handles the ‘Bypass’ button.
  • Fixed return of improper extension pointers when requested extension is different to
    the ui:idleInterface.
  • Fixed bug in dynamic processor plugin that could issue invalid metering values.
  • Fixed UI size issue for VST plugins in Cockos Reaper.
  • Fixed numerous memory leakage issues in UI components.
  • Fixed spontaneous crashes when destroying the Profiler Mono/Stereo plugin.
  • Fixed embedded resource generation tool that had invalid behaviour for several file systems.
  • Reimplemented I/O subsystem.

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