LSP Plugins 1.1.5 released!

We publish new 1.1.5 release with many improvements exactly three years after the 1.0.0 release!
Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

  • Implemented stereo version of Profiler plugin.
  • Added ‘Spectralizer’ and ‘Mastering’ modes to the Spectrum Analyzer plugin series.
  • All SIMD-optimized DSP code now ported to ARMv7A architecture and optimized using ARM NEON instruction set.
  • Added Frame Buffer primitive support by plugins and widgets.
  • Implemented RGBA and HSLA color manipulation routines for point array rendering optimizations.
  • Extended unit and performance test coverage.
  • Enabled RELRO and PIE option for binaries, simplified build system.
  • Implemented optimized DSP functions for minimum and maximum search.
  • Implemented optimized DSP functions for static biquad processing, dynamic biquad processing,
    dynamic bilinear transformation.
  • Extended DSP code with different set of software rendering functions that enhance visual effects.
  • Added support of FreeBSD operating system (plugins are available for building in FreeBSD ports).
  • Improved build process, added possibility to specify PREFIX variable for
    installing into specified path instead of /usr/local.
  • Fixed building issues under Ubuntu Linux related to compiler and linker
    flags reordering.
  • Fixed system character set detection on certain systems that caused disappearing of text labels in the UI.
  • Fixed window decorating issue under the i3 window manager.
  • Fixed biquad filter processing routines that could cause memory corruption and/or invalid behaviour
    in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed serious memory corruption in SSE implementation of fast convolution routines that could cause
    spontaneous crashes of convolvers.
  • Fixed buffer underflow in Convolver module that could cause memory corruption and spontaneous crashes
    of host.

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Great news! LSP is cool! Many thanks, SadKo! Happy new Year!