LSP Plugins 1.1.29 released!

  • Fixed latency computation error for FIR and FFT modes of the filter.
  • Optimize FIR and FFT equalizers to use fastconv_ routines instead of FFT.
  • Implemented SPM mode for Parameteric and Graphic Equalizer plugin series.
  • Fixed improper VST call handling for several calls.
  • Several typo fixes in documentation (contributed by Olivier Humbert).
  • Fixed improper output MIDI event sorting for all plugins.
  • Channels of spectrum analyzer are now synchronized.
  • Fixed regression related to loading built-in file resources.
  • Added extra button to hide/show equalizer section for Impulse Responses and Impulse Reverb
    plugin series.
  • Updated OBJ file parsing for support less strict file format.
  • Fixed improper behaviour of File Open Dialog widget related to file name input.
  • Art Delay plugin settings changed: by default multipliers are now set to 1, BPM multiplier allows now
    to step with 0.5 values allowing to set dotted notes.

Thanks @SadKo for these wonderful plugins, cheers. :beers:

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