LSP Plugins 1.1.28 available!

LSP Plugins 1.1.28 available!

Today we celebrate 5 year since the 1.0.0 release. That’s hard to imagine but the huge amount of work has been done.

For these 5 years LSP Plugins became one of the top audio plugins used in Linux music production. Among this period new requirements came to the project and we tried to fulfill them all while caring for the quality, stability and performance of the software.

Anyway, there are some requirements that don’t fit into the project and require the codebase to be rewritten. This year was dedicated for refactoring and decomposition of core modules but, sadly, the refactoring process did not end up to the end of this year. Hope we’ll finally end up with the 1.2.0 release in the next year which will refresh the internal plugin architecture and change user and developer experience.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The overall list of changes

  • Implemented Artistic Delay plugin.
  • Added delay time and phase inversion for each band of the crossover plugin.
  • MIDI octave numbering now starts with “-1”, previously it started with “-2”.
  • Added automatic scanning of installed Hydrogen drumkits to the Multisampler plugin series and possibility to load them by single click in the main menu.
  • Added sample reversal feature to the Sampler/Multisampler/Trigger plugin series.
  • Added possibility to change the note number in Sampler/Multisampler/Trigger plugin series by scrolling mouse wheel over the note number indicator or performing mouse double click on it.
  • Added possibility to use relative paths in file configurations.
  • Added ‘Plugin Manual’ menu item to show the documentation to plugin in the browser.
  • Added ‘UI Manual’ menu item to show the documentation to UI in the browser.
  • Added tutorial of using hydrogen drumkits in the Multisampler plugin series - contributed by chrisanthropic @ github.
  • Updated french translations - contributed by Olivier Humbert.
  • Plugins now can be built with Clang C++ compiler version 10+.
  • Refactored ipc::Process for better work with vfork() system call.
  • Fixed bug in improper RGB -> HSL conversion for UI.
  • Fixed regression in led indication for the Compensation Delay plugin series.
  • Fixed drag&drop regression after code refactoring.
  • Fixed bug in Fraction widget related to nominator drop-down list values.

The video with plugin demonstration:


Congrats, and thanks for these wonderful plugins.


Your plugins are very good. Thank you. When I use them of course I will pay for them, Just I change the colors. Maybe you plan “skin option”

In 1.2.0 we’ll get a complete redesign and color themes.


Thank you for you work, love your plugins!

Good Deal

I was wondering if someone had some presets that would be available, just as a base starting point, as I’m short on time and I could spend a considerable amount tweaking these tools.

Thanks again.

Anyone can ship their presets for review since UI supports built-in presets.
Just tune the plugin, export settings and make a pull request.
Example of preset files in the tree:

Thank you so much for these wonderful plugins! I cannot imagine mixing without them anymore.

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Something I wanted to mention - LSP Plugins GUI behavior, when you adjust a knob and its value is too long for its boundaries, a whole vertical row of knobs becomes wider together with it and changes an overall size of the plugin window, so adjusting knobs can result in a visually inconsistent and ‘shaky’ UI… Perhaps this can be addressed in future releases, and LSP can utilize plugin window frames that are more solid?

This is how the space allocation algorithm works. If the widget (like label) doesn’t fit into the allocated area, then space for it should be re-allocated. That yields to partial or full reallocation of all widgets in parent widget containers. For 1.2.0, we’ll tune allocation mechanisms to make such ‘shaking’ less possible. But if you’ll have some non-standard fonts or settings, this ‘shaking’ still will be possible.

ok, good luck! I’m looking forward to 1.2.0.
Also, LSP Artistic Delay is a great addition… Now it’s time for a reverb, clearly (-:

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